7075 Chief

I’m so mad 7075 Chief’s are coming out and I just spent all my money-_-


I care because…

I think we all have moments like this…

I’m gonna try and buy 2 lol

I won’t have money when they release. :frowning: However, I’m hoping to snag one in a different colorway.

you are reading this thread…

I must be one of the crazy few who just tend not to like 7075 throws. They often have a “hallow” sound and feel to them, probably because of thinner walls or design changes, but I just don’t find it pleasing.

This type, where you just remake the exact yoyo a la the AL7 and the GZR’s, is more interesting to me personally…but it always results in a heavier yoyo than I like.

So, eh. Cool though.

Title is misleading, I thought it would have some sort of cool info, like you usually find in threads named like

I am very interested in these. Chris said that the way the weight is placed in the Chief that it feels a bit lighter than the 68.4 grams that it is. I for one want one and will most likely get one… I tend to like lighter throws myself but I have found the Cliff to be a joy to play and that is on the heavy side too.

this is what happened to me too

I’m with you on this one as well.
Not every YoYo design benefits from 7075. I must admit that I love the GZR Code 1, & I am very impressed with my Majestys, but I’m skeptical about the Chief.

Just Sayin…

I am not sure what part of a yoyo benefits from sound?
Also, not sure how you feel the difference between Aluminum alloys by touch. It makes me wonder why they make electronic alloy-testers if you can do it just by feel.

In addition to being far more durable, 7075 is more dense than 6061. Since rotational momentum is defined by mass and distance, the same yoyo in 7075 will have more rotational momentum than the same design in 6061. Rotational momentum = fierce spin => longer time to practice per throw and still get a return.

A 7075 Chief will have a more powerful spin than the original. Whether it will be a clunky chunk of metal is the question. I am assuming that there were design tweaks to make it work with the new alloy. I look at my 7075 Genesis as a model for this. That thing is BEAST. YYF shaved weight from the original design making a throw that in all respects, is better than the original; in my opinion.

What I hate about this is that I will just have to find out… Doh! More money going up North.

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Nothing wrong with money coming up here! (;

I don’t know what’s difficult to understand about the statement “I just don’t find it pleasing”. You’re implying that this involves some objective measure of performance, when it is a completely subjective experience. There is no further proof required, nor is there any to give. If you don’t sense a hollow, ringing sensation when playing some 7075 throws, then I guess we don’t see eye to eye.

I also never said I could tell the alloy immediately by touch. You just made that up. I don’t have to guess which ones are 7075, I bought them.

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He’s not saying that he can tell from the feel of the aluminum, but of the yoyo. You can notice a thinner wall when you catch a yoyo.

Its pretty. I want it.

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I like 7075

Stookie is right though. All my 7075 yoyos have that slight hollow feel. And yes, you can to a certain degree “feel” the difference. Once you throw alot with a 7075 you’ll start to feel it by how it responds when you bind and throw. 6061 actually often feel heavier, more dense because of the way it’s designed. A 7075-yoyo will have thinner walls (or it would be a clunk).
Two identical yoyos, where one is 6061 and the other is 7075 will make the 7075 have more rotational mass. However, thats often not the case because of the design-changes needed for the conversion of alloys, shaving of metal here and there to match the weight of the 6061-design.
As for the 7075 Chief i asked Chris about this directly, and he said:
“It plays more solid compared to the other ones. Still has long spin time, but doesn’t feel like 68.4g.”
The way he says “Still has long spin time” doesn’t make me thing that it have more spin time.

I’ve always felt that 6061 yoyos had a sort of soft feeling to them :slight_smile: Thats why I like my chief. Hopefully somebody will do a good review on the 7075 chief and maybe CLYW will produce more.