How much did the 7075 chief cost new? (hulk smash)








I believe that the shipping was an additional $15 since it came direct from the lodge.


This is correct with the shipping. Wasnt it bbb, saskatoon, and hulk smash?


Yes on the colorways…


I want to try a 7075 and compare it to a normal chief. Two guys that go to the same club as me have them im pretty sure.


They are different. The 6061 is way more floaty and quick while the 7075 is super solid… The 7075 is a bit more stable too… And that is saying something as the Chief is one stable yoyo… It takes the added weight well too. It does not feel 68+ grams…


Yes I concur the added weight adds noticeable stability and a wee bit more spin time and it just feels really solid. It’s my favorite yoyo. I’ve compared it with like 4 regular chiefs and I like 7075 much more… I have yet to try the 65 g one yet though… How is it?


Awesome!! I prefer the 65 gram myself. Just so much fun to play. It plays fast and smooth… Goes where you want it too. I just love it!!


I gotta try one


hm, that reminds me that I still need to unpack mine. It has been sitting in my room for weeks and weeks now but I haven’t gotten around to open the package, yet. It’s still in the original package that it came in.