Are all hulk smash chiefs 7075?

How many chiefs are hulk smash and are they all 7075?

I know that there were 30 7075 hulk smash chiefs sold way back when.

Thanks! Anyone else have any insight?

I played one at Canadian nationals, played like the G2 AL7 stuff; heavier and a tad shinier, nothing to special. The one I played was hulk smash.

No. There are both 6061 and 7075 Hulk Smash Chiefs.

How do you know what’s what?

I have only had a 6061 so I can’t compare in person but just from looking at pictures, the 7075 looks like it has more of a sheen on it. If you can’t tell, Chris told me to send him pics and he’d let me know. I assume you could do the same. There are both versions of the Saskatoon as well.

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If you’ve got a scale, you could weigh it, should be 68.4g from memory. If not, you could take it down to a post office, their scales are even calibrated.