7075 or 6061 Majesty?

So I’m debating getting a general yo majesty and I see that part 1 of 3 of this run of majesties is being released tonight. As I said before, I know this run is being released in three parts, and I don’t know whether to get a 7075 or 6061. Just to clarify, the 6061 is the lighter one, right? Also, is the blue mountain majesty the 6061 or 7075?

So, for my preferences:
I just got a General Yo Model 10 and it’s light and very floaty. I tend to prefer floaty yoyos, but if I get the 6061 Majesty I don’t want something that’s going to feel exactly like the Model 10 (of course, I have no idea if it would or wouldn’t). Also, one of my favorite parts about general yo’s is grinding with the amazing blast, but, if I were to get the Blue Mountain Majesty, which I’m pretty sure is the lighter one, it wouldn’t have that finish. Do you guys think I should try to snag a Blue Mountain or wait for a later run?

They are the same weight. Also there will be no more 7075, so it must be used. I prefer the 6061 honestly.

Also just to be straight to the point, any and all future majesties from this run are 6061, Blue Mountian, everything. No more 7075.

Ah, ok, thanks. Well, what do you guys prefer: the splash but no wonderful gen yo bead blast, or the solid color with the blast?

Dingo is right. These new ones are 6061 and have been tweaked to be the same weight as the 1st run 7075 ones.

The tumble is not that bad. In fact, I like it because it pprovides a glossy look, yet you can still grind pretty good. I would pick bb over tumble, but splash tumble over solid blast, if that makes sense.

The old run had a 7075 that weighed 66.9g and a 6061 that weighed 65.5 (23 made) now there is a second run that is 60601 that weighs 66.9. I own one of the 6061 second and first run and I prefer the lighter one. It all really depends on preferences though. The heavier 6061/7075 Majesties are more stable while the lighter is more floaty and plays faster. They are both still amazing though its unlikely that you’ll be able to get the lighter version so I would try to get a heavier version if you can its amazing

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The heavy ones I heard blow the light ones out of the water.

From what I have heard from Ernie, the second run 6061 aluminum Majesties play IDENTICAL to the first run 7075 Majesties. He said this included a blind test of a raw 2nd run 6061 Majesty and a raw 1st run 7075 Majesty… players just could not tell the difference.

There was a single run 6061 1st run Majesty that was lighter. It was just the Purple Mountain colorway so it should be easy to distinguish form the rest of the pack. I have not played it.

The 7075 Majesty is one of my all time favorites from Ernie and if the 2nd run plays identical I will be a happy man. I will have a review in a bit, I am waiting on Ernie to send one out for testing.

I agree.

Just get what you can… there’s still something about those 7075’s I can’t put my finger on, but the 2nd run 6061’s play just as well.

I wanna say they play identically, but I feel like there is a very very slight difference there (almost indistinguishable difference). The density might make the yoyo spin faster or something, I’m not a physicist so I cannot come up with an accurate hypothesis… just feels like something.

My main throw right now is a 2nd run 6061 (66.9grams). And as Zen said, you probably won’t be able to find a Purple Mountain very easily, but they play so amazingly…Floaty and Majestic

This is what I wanted to hear. I was going to do a blind test, but there’s no way I can cuz my 6061’s are tumbled and 7075 is blasted.

Just out of curiosity, how much of difference do you believe is just psychosomatic? Do you think you perceive the difference because you KNOW that one is made from a denser, some speculate “better”, alloy?

I am extremely curious about this and would love to see your thoughts on those questions. With Ernie making the second run out of 6061 but tweaking it to play like the 7075 first run I am looking forward to seeing if I can sense the difference. I know I will be able to see the difference just because it will have a crazy ano. If it does truly play identical I am hoping people don’t consider lesser to the 7075 version just because of the alloy.

Oh, I see, It is all in our heads now; right? I find your question disingenuous. You do not pose a question by supplying the answer in its supposition. That is leading.

Interesting that you are curious if they play differently. As I recall, you have irrationally and consistently insisted that 7075 vs 6061 has no effect on yoyo design. Even as many manufacturers make their own 7075 versions, you have consistently preached that there is no difference between the performance of the two. So why the curiosity? Or, is this yet another attempt to convince people that your indefensible position is somehow still right; even in the face of overwhelming evidence?

Now it is psychosomatic? Yeah right.

As someone who uses all types of aluminum alloys for making parts,
I purposely made these weigh the same as the 7075…with in .1 gr.
Is there in fact a difference of play?
Do a blind folded throw test with your friends if you have the 7075 V1.
I would really like to know.

They pretty much play identical, but I feel like the 7075 might spin faster (not longer) or some weird thing like that, that truly makes no difference in the long run. The “difference” is irrelevant in it’s performance IMO, but I can feel something different. Maybe it’s just the beadblast being more forgiving against a tumbled finish which makes me assume the 7075 has a fiercer spin? Idk…

When I say I feel something different, I don’t mean performance wise. The 6061 is is just as stable, fast, etc etc… but I feel there is something there… does the difference make it better? Not at all

The fact I cannot pin point the difference, says leaps and bounds about how similar they are and should really put things into perspective… I cannot say they are truly identical but they play identical as far as I’m concerned. And I will be using my 6061 over my 7075.

Saintrobyn; if you’d like to do a OG 6061 vs 7075 vs 2nd run 6061, I could probably send my PMM/BMM/7075 out to you, as long as you keep it mint lol… Maybe you can say for sure if you feel the ‘difference’ between the 7075 and 2nd run 6061(albeit extremely minor and not noteworthy difference) OG 6061 vs 66.9g Majesty is something worth breaking down the differences.

I have no blasted 6061, so for me a blind test would not work, however they are both equally great! The 2 play identical to me. I have 4 6061, and if they were easier to get, I would have just as many 7075. Don’t let the difference in metal turn you off of this yoyo, it is a beast!

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After trying a 6061 and 7075 at the same weight, shape and ~size (~0.02" added to the walls?) I am starting to think it might be in my head. I’ve been trying to figure out the difference for like two weeks, and I play the Majesty more than anything so I feel pretty in tune with it.

I mean if you feel a slight difference, and obviously there’s a slight size difference, then that would possibly explain the difference. Personally i never got caught up in the alloy hype.

Well, I had said one is tumbled and one is blasted… so the extra friction on the 6061 could account for the difference I’ve been feeling… So it’s hard to say for sure.

Hey look, Geezer formed another incoherent thought.

Thanks for your reply SkyHigh. As for trying the OG 6061 I may take you up on it but I won’t need the other two. Ernie is sending a second one for an official review and I played the heck out of the OG 7075.

I figured a Gen-Yo aficionado such as yourself would be the person to ask. Keep us posted if this ends up being the case or if you find an actual difference.

For sure! PM me your address and I’ll shoot it over to you. You need to try this one. I wish everyone could try it, I try to keep my mouth shut about it as to not make people upset there isn’t more

Wow, amazing how stubborn some people can be.

Geezer, whether or not 7075 is better REMAINS TO BE SEEN. The reason manufacturers will do both is for the change in weight. It is possible, as proven here too make a 6061 yoyo every bit as good as a 7075 yoyo. It’s not some “Magic” alloy. You could make a yoyo out of the stuff they make soda cans out of that plays very well. It has been done.

Now, your probably going to hate me, but I believe the perceived “Difference” is simply the placebo effect.

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