♛ Majesty v2 ♛ Here we go again!!


So today I woke up around 1 expecting my new Majesty. I wasn’t tracking it, wasn’t sure exactly what day it was shipped on. I just knew it was today, I had that feeling. When the postman came I met him at the mailbox, and sure enough I had a package from Cali!

2nd Run Majesty
55.2mm dia
43.3mm wide
4.6mm gap
66.8mm gr

The first run, as you should know, featured a majority of 7075 Majesty’s and twenty-three, slightly lighter 6061 Purple Mountain Majesty’s. This second run is entirely different, in a way, than the first run. This time we have 6061 Majesty’s that weigh in at the weight of the first run 7075’s. The first time a yoyo has been produced in both 7075 and 6061 at the same weight, shape, and essentially size. According to Mr. Kaiser he added 0.002" to walls to reach the same weight as the 7075. So unless you’re a human-caliper, you won’t notice the size difference.

But the real question is… does a 6061 yoyo at the same weight, shape, and ~size stack up to a 7075 yoyo?

I purchased an “ano sample” that was done on ten Majesty’s, featuring a One Drop like tumble finish and a brilliant splash/stripes. It’s called the “Black Blob Limey Stripe” or BBLS. Kinda silly name I know, but it’s stuck. Besides, test-ano colorways don’t need real names :stuck_out_tongue: If anyone popped into the General-Yo Fan Club thread, you’ve probably already read about my fascination with this interesting ano-job coupled with three simple colors just makes this “ano sample” better looking than most production colorways I’ve seen in a while.

The following is subjective only to the BBLS I received, the others could be an entirely different style for all I know. I’m just going to assume they are all similar to mine…

I hope we get more ano jobs like this one… it’s not your typical ‘drizzle’ “splash”. It’s not coated with a spray of blizzard speckles, it’s literally a splash. This splash looks so intense it literally looks like a paintbrush full of paint was swung at it, resulting in spectacular splashes and speckles of black. Then there is Blobs of black that have a Graffiti-esque Drip. Finally there is a nice thin drizz of Limey Green that accent the whole thing perfectly. Bet ya never seen someone so interested in a ano-job. Probably like, SkyHigh go check out this or that. Ya, ya. This one just looks too good man. Be jealous 8)

ignore my fingerprints all over the black blob lol…

Splash in the cup, drip on the catch, and cut up with a bunch of stripes

So how does it stack up? I’m not exactly sure what the differences are. I guess that should spell it out… lol. It feels like there is some kind of difference there, but I simply cannot put my finger on it. They are too similar for me to tell a difference. Maybe someone else with superhuman senses will figure out the difference? Maybe it’s some weird difference like Denser mass spins faster?? I have no idea, I’m no physicist but from my perspective they are essentially the same. I would try a Blind test but my v2 is Tumbled and the other is bead blasted! Haha! Perhaps I’ll try with gloves on too, who knows.

Majesty v2 goes beast mode. If you missed out on the 7075 Majesty, this is your chance at redemption. In my opinion there isn’t much of a difference between the two other than durability. This run we get three different surface finishes; standard General-Yo Beadblast, a lighter blast, and the tumble finish. We also get some special color-ways along with the traditional solids we come to expect and love so get your wallets ready for the freshness. The 7075 is going to take a hit better, but the 6061 plays just the same. So if you’re skeptical that it won’t live up to the Majesty’s name because it’s not the denser Aluminum, put those fears to sleep… the crown will stay upon the Majesty’s Noble head, and it ain’t goin’ anywhere.

P.S. if you wanna discuss the differences between the First Run 6061 Majesty (Purple Mountain) and the Second Run Majesty’s… well… that’s a whole entire conversation I am completely willing to have ;D But considering there’s a limited number of people out there who’ve tried the Purple Mountain, which weighs about 1-1/2 grams less… and only 22 people who can potentially directly compare the PMM with the v2, it might not even be worth teasing you guys about the differences. :wink:


Nice Write-Up SkyHighYo.

I managed to grab one of these as well and love the colorway. Like you, I do not possess the ability to feel the difference in the two different alloys. I absolutely love this YoYo !
I think Ernie did a fabulous job of creating the same great YoYo in two different versions of aluminum.

The man has a gift…that’s for sure.

Thanks Stickman!

You should post some pics of your BBLS!!

Awesome I had the same thoughts. And as far as the Pm Majesty and 6061 V2 go I think they are to different monsters. While the Pm Majesty has more of a float and can go super fast I think the Majesty v2 is a stability monster that sleeps FOREVER. love them both.

Holy crap… awesome review! The Majesty v2 is all it’s cracked up to be… it’s pretty freaking amazing. Everyone should get one!

Indeed… Majesty is such a perfect throw it strikes me right in the feels bro.

The latest addition to the General Yo Majesty Collection !

I have found that it’s really difficult to convey the “Cool Factor” of this colorway in a photograph.
It’s such a striking color up close, but pictures do not do it justice.

But here’s my attempt at it nonetheless.

Great Job once again Ernie !!

Ohhh yea

Going over this thread again… and Stickman’s photo…

The BBLS has such amazing ano design. The splash technique is perfect for creating such a unique look.

Does anyone know of anyone else who has these? I wanna see more pics of the rest of them…

The majesty i just got plays like a dream i cant feel it or hear it and the bearing seems to stay that way while at the same time keeping and maintaining balance and speed. It can take so many combos and speed tricks without ever needing to bind. If you wonder why they sell out so fast, it is because they are simply one of the most amazing yoyos you can ever get your hands on.


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Wow man! Your Lime Stew looks fantastic!! I’m loving these ano jobs on the “Ano Sample” majesty’s… Lime Stew, BBLS, and the Limey Stew (Blue Lime Stew) are FANTASTIC.



The flash gave the green a yellow look.
Love it!

Need to get my hands on some of these sick colorways.

my bbls and blue mountain. need to get a limey stew or 7075. badly.

    I really like the limey stew , I have one on the way , was thinking about splitting  up lime stew and limey to make up a half/ green / half blue stew .

This is just beautiful: