I just ordered a Purple Mountain Majesty!

Thanks to SkyHighYo telling me a place with one of these in stock I was able to order a Purple Mountain Majest one of 23 in the world for $140(: Anybody else have this yoyo? If so can you tell me how it plays?

I don’t have the 6061 purple mountain, but I do have the 7075, and its probably the best playing yoyo that I own. This thing is super smooth and ridiculously stable. Excellent choice.

Haha do you/ or anybody else… know the the difference between 6061 and 7075?

7075 is a more sturdy type of aluminum that tends to feel more solid than 6061 aluminum throws.

I picked up the 7075 Genesis in stock, the gold one…and it feels great actually. I love it. I also have the purple/grey Majesty and it is fantastic. You lucked out to still get one.

I have a 1 of 10 prepro majesty that is 7075 and love it to death. Hardly dings, it being 7075 and all, and is smooth as hotdiggidy

Zen. I have both.

They are both great! :smiley:

You won’t be disappointed good sir, you made a good choice today!

P.S. The ano job on the PMM is PHENOMENAL! Really beautiful looking, each one is like a piece of art in my opinion.

P.P.S. If you were holding both of them in your hand, you wouldn’t be able to tell a difference between 7075, and 6061. Other than the 6061 ano job looks waaay cooler. :wink: Other than the 6061 is slightly lighter, the only other difference I could imagine there being is the 7075 is a eency-weency bit more stable? Which I’m sure the 6061 makes up for in the speed department. Who knows though ya know? They both out perform the heck out of me!