General Yo Majesty: A High Speed YoYo Review

After so many incredible freshman yo-yo reviews I am taking a break and setting my sites on one of the big names in yo-yos… General Yo. Ernie dropped his latest creation on the community, the Majesty. It is another competition style design with heavy rim weight. It is very much a continuation if the design features he first introduced on the KLR. The Majesty is also the first General Yo run to use 7075 aluminum alloy instead of the more common 6061. There is a limited edition run of the Majesty in 6061 called the Purple Mountain Edition, which I have not thrown so I will not be able to compare the two for stability and speed. I am not expecting much of a difference in play, probably about similar to the GZR line from One Drop which also uses the same program for both alloys. When asked if he made any changes to compensate for the denser 7075 alloy Ernie came back and said he didn’t do a single thing differently in the design or the machining phase of the Majesty. This pretty much makes a point I have said in the past that the designer is the best tool a yo-yo can have… in Ernie’s own words on difference in alloys “we treat all aluminum the same. 2024, 6061 7075, 7050, its all the same to me. It’s true. 7075 might be a bit more dense, but the feeds and speeds on the machine are the same.” There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth, if the horse happens to be a world-class yo-yo designer. All talks of alloys aside, now I need to see if the Majesty is new yo-yo royalty or if it needs to be locked up in the Tower of London.

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