One Drop GZR Line: A High Speed YoYo Review

This review is going to be different from the other reviews I have written. I am looking at three yo-yos instead of the usual one. I guess the first thing I should do is explain what the GZR line is. One Drop took three of their most popular designs, CODE1, CODE2, and 54 and machined them out of 7075 aluminum instead of the normal 6061 aluminum that they have previously used. 7075 Aluminum is a denser than its 6061 counterpart making for a slightly heavier yo-yo. The reason for the line was a test to see how the switch would affect the play of the design. One Drop has been using the stronger 7075 aluminum for quite some time, just not for yo-yo bodies. All aluminum Side Effects are made from 7075. The reason for this experiment actually stems from an argument on the One Drop forums that some may refer to as the “Great Button Debate”. It started out as a complaint that a thrower hit a plastic button on his shirt with his CODE2 and scuffed it. His assumption was that the cheaper alloy was the sole reason for the damage; physics had nothing to do with it at all. The debate degraded into various assumptions about the machining capabilities of One Drop and other American manufacturers being inferior to the Japanese counterparts because Japan makes “the best” 7075 yo-yos. Silly, I know but here is the crazy part. Instead of just ignoring the minority opinion in the thread that 7075 makes for a better yo-yo the guys at One Drop looked at each other and said “what the heck”, chose three of their most popular designs, and made a small, 10 unit run of each in the denser alloy. I cannot stress this enough, the alloy change is the ONLY difference. Shawn, One Drop’s resident genius in all things machining, took the original program for each yo-yo and ran them for the 7075 versions. No tweaks to weight distribution were made; this is pretty much the purest comparison between the two alloys as it pertains to yo-yo manufacturing. Now lets see if the switch makes a positive or negative impact on the play.

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Cool review.

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try the 7075 54, so bad.