One Drop GZR Line Wave 2: A High Speed YoYo Review

Last August I brought you a review of the first wave of One Drop’s GZR line of yo-yos. For those that missed the first review, the GZR line is One Drop’s 7075 line of yo-yos. What they did was take their yo-yo designs, in this case the Cascade and the Burnside, and machine them in the denser 7075 alloy instead of the more common 6061 alloy that they normally use. Other than the switch in alloys there is not a single change to the yo-yo. They do not shift weight or touch the shape in any way. The theory behind this was to see if just the alloy alone makes for a “better” yo-yo. This second wave of the GZR line has me more intrigued than the first wave. The reason being that all of the first wave yo-yos were Side Effect enabled. This, I think, wasn’t a true test of the designs because I can swap Side Effects to change the feel. I even said in my first review that the GZR line showed off the power of Side Effects more than 7075 alloy. In this wave we have the Cascade, an absolutely amazing Side Effect yo-yo and the Burnside, One Drop’s no compromise competition yo-yo. It is that second one that has me most intrigued… it has a tapped axle system instead of Side Effects so you have no wiggle room to customize the feel. I believe that it will be the Burnside that shows the true potential of 7075 alloy.

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