Looking for OD GZR’s and Fire Devil Ridgeback

Trying to find all the OD GZR variants to include in the East Coast open to the public and playable One Drop museum I’m building.

These include:

Code 1 GZR (Found)
Code 2 GZR
54 GZR
Burnside GZR (Found)
Cascade GZR (Found)

Also looking for a Ridgeback Firedevil. Will pay 88$ for a mint one!

Hit me up if you’ve got one if these to sell or trade!

Thanks and Happy Yoyo!

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The GZR is the exact same throw made out of 7075. And I don’t know the difference maybe @da5id ?


GZR CODE1 Weight: 66.37 grams (up 2.37 grams from the stock CODE1)

Per Chris @ High Speed YoYo: http://www.highspeedyoyo.com/reviews/n-z/one-drop-yoyos/one-drop-gzr-line

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Grendel is correct. Exact same design, 7075 alloy so the final weight will be higher because the metal is denser.


Perfect!!! Thanks Jeremy!

Ok. Next question is which models have GZR variants? @da5id @Grendel

Code 1
Code 2

Any others?


I think that’s the list, @da5id, right? I never did get a GZR project…

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Oh boy wouldn’t that be great!

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That’s it for named GZRs

For throws with both a 6061 / 7075 version (but not necessarily exact dimensions / profile)

  • Intro / Nitro
  • Summit / Seven Summits
  • Terrarian / Legendary Terrarian
  • Küntosh / Küntosh 5000QV
  • Parlay / Static Sudo
  • Markmont. Classic / Markmont. Classic Magnum Opus

I’ve been asking for decades.

FWIW and this is kind of pedantic but as I understand it Markmont. yo-yos aren’t One Drop yo-yos, they’re just manufactured by them. The brand is Markmont., the yo-yos are the Classic and the Classic Magnum Opus. Similar to how One Drop manufactured the FYFO for YoYoRecreation and used to manufacture for CLYW.

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Currently, that’s true. Previously, MCs were One Drop yoyos (or at the very least could be considered a colab like the Parlay), from 2014-2019.

Previously the MC was a One Drop signature yoyo for Mark. It’s now been moved to his brand.


Found Code 1 GZR. Looking for the rest.

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But wait, I thought that all burnsides were made out of 7075, so there shouldn’t be a GZR for that, am I right @da5id ?


According to this High Speed yoyo article there is one and it’s a 70+ gram monster. I bet if I gave it a power throw now it’d still be spinning at Christmas!


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This thread makes me smile.

This is a review done by someone who literally spent hours telling the world that there was no difference between 6061 and 7075. According to Chris, thee was no increased performance or anything like that. Now that the common wisdom is that 7075 is superior in every respect except the ability to anodize - this review is antiquated.

OD should do a new GZR line where the weight and design is adjusted for the denser alloy. Maybe a GZR Reimagined" line? Maybe send me a few feebies? :slight_smile:


I’m wrong. I’ve got a burnsides it’s a great throw. Just not 7075. Great now I need to find a freaking Geezer burnsides. That geezer!! What a opinionated gentleman.


Sure thing boomer, send me your addy.


Here is a GZR Burnside