How heavy is my chief?


I have a 9th run chief, is it 65g or 66g? Please help!

  1. My answer is that it weighs 42 ounces… SUPER UNHELPFUL!!!
    In all seriousness, I believe that it is 65 grams.

(WildCat23) #3

Put it on a scale?


Weigh it…


My 4th run is 65.9, so I’m guessing 66 grams.


It’s 66g, the most common weight. The 65g are select colorways from earlier runs.


if you ever have confusion over a chief’s weight just google the colorway and Chris’ blog post should come up with the specs.


Oh thought it was the other way around sorry!


The 7th run was the last run of chiefs to have the 65g version. Every run after that has been 66g.