shutter or musket


how to they compare. which is faster, which has more spin

help me out


Going off specs I’d think the musket is faster and the shutter sleeps more


I have both. Hmm…they are nothing alike. They both can sleep very long and they both can play very fast. I feel I have an easier time pushing the Shutter up to fast speeds, but it does take a little more push. The Musket is a “groovier” throw, and not just because of its grooves. It’s more methodical, it’s more calm. It can fly and go very fast, but something about it’s curved, more organic shape lends the Musket towards being more relaxed. Umm…I like the weight of the Musket more, I like the size of the Musket more…I think as a whole I like the Musket more, but they’re both wonderful for the price. Buy whichever one you find to be most pretty.


I second what N8doog said. I have both the Shutter and Musket. I really like the Musket (and Hatchet). I prefer them both other the Shutter. The Shutter is still a great yoyo, don’t get me wrong. I just prefer the Musket.


How does the musket compair to the level 6


I don’t have a musket, but I do have a level 6. I love the level 6, it’s my main throw, I like it better than the shutter, though I still really like the shutter. The level 6 is, in my oppinion, the best budget metal (I haven’t tried YYO or the one drop benchmarks). It can go fast with ease and it’s really smooth, give it a nice hard throw, and you can do some long combos.


I can not say anything about the Shutter because I do not have one. I do however have both the Musket and the Level 6.
The musket is fast, a long sleeper and is well balanced. Unfortunately for me the Musket just does not feel good in my hand. The Level 6, on the other hand, is fast, sleeps long, is well balanced and is very comfortable in my hand.


I have a shutter and a musket and 3 level 6 if that’s saying anything.


Level 6 is a great throw.


Which do u prefer chad


I like them all but if I could have one it would be the level 6