which should i choose from yoyofficer?


I don’t really know which to choose, I thought about the lava but the musket and kilter seem like really good throws also

(YoYoStringLab) #2

I confess, I really like the Musket. We all have different preferences, so my likes might not match yours. For me, the Musket feels like a nice weight, it’s stable, it does just what I want it to while doing tricks, it’s not too big or too small, the anno is awesome, it’s not so pricey that I feel I have to baby it or keep it in a display box, and the shape feels great in the hand. I will say that mine is not glass smooth, but it’s close enough that it is thoroughly enjoyable.


Yeah Im leaning towards the musket a lot. have you ever tried the lava?


I am really happy with my Musket.


I like my Lava, it’s stable, but it’s not a brick. Binds tight due to the tight gap. The stock bearing really hold it back though, so I recommend getting a ten ball along with it.


its seeming more like a personal preference at this point. damn this is gonna be a tough decision