Which one should i buy???!

Should I buy a YYF TooHot or a Yoyofficer Musket? I’m really on the fence with this one…

I usually buy based on colorway. Just pick the one that looks the coolest :smiley: I just picked up the too HOT, i have nothing bad to say about it.

Musket !

that’s a tough one they’re both excellent. you won’t be disappointed either way. gun to my head I’m gonna go with the too hot. but the musket is fantastic to.

I haven’t tried the Musket. But, the TooH.O.T. is amazing, and I highly recommend that one. Especially, the blasted version.

They’re both lovely, but if it’s one or the other I’m going to vote TooHOT. I have a blasted one and it’s a dream. Very stable, still comfortable on the catch, and grinds like a beast.

Sounds like TooHot is the one more favored, if only slightly. Think I’ll go with that. Thanks everyone.

Too H.O.T. over the Musket, while the Musket is good it’s just…ordinary. The TH feels and plays like it’s something different/special.

Too hot is amazing so smooth…