I might be getting a new throw….

I might be getting a new throw soon, and I am deciding between the yyo hatchet and the yyo jaeger. Any suggestions/pros or cons? Currently, my favorite throw is the shutter, so something that plays similar to that would be great. I also want a throw that can grind really well.

Thanks in advance!

Brandon Merrill

p.s. Sorry if this is the wrong section. I wasn’t for sure on where to post this.

See, I’m the opposite. I think of the throws I have and want something totally different than what I have, not something the same.

I think based on specs, either of those should be at least a bit different, but the Hatchet will be the more similar of the two. I would think.

Well, it is just that on other posts when people are looking for advice on what throws to get, people always ask them stuff like “what play style do you like” or “what kind of yoyos do you like.” I agree with you in the fact of getting something new to try it out. I was kind of leaning towards the jaeger because it is an oversized throw, and I don’t really have a oversized throw. It would bring something new to the table.
Do the hatchet and jaeger grind great? How do thy grind compared to something like the Rockefeller?

No idea. I don’t think the Jaeger that YYE has in stock is bead-blasted so it won’t be a grinder. Or if they have some of the blasted ones, make sure you select the right one from the drop-down. I didn’t check.

But yeah. I haven’t played ANY of those yoyos. I just wanted to throw my opinion out there that it’s worth getting different kinds of yoyos rather than similar ones. I have hardly any real overlap (beyond the expected overlap of them being aluminum unresponsive yoyos!) in my whole collection, which seems to hover around 22 yoyos.

How do you know if it is bead blasted?

It will probably say in the product description. The bead blasting was enough of a different thing in the Jaeger’s most recent run (plus a few specialized pieces) that they seem to be including that information in the description. If it’s not in the description, it’s probably not blasted.

The hatchet looks incredible and sounds like it plays great from some of the reviews I’ve read. And for the price, it’s kinda hard to pass it up. Keep us updated on what you end up getting!

If they aren’t bead blasted, then what are their surfaces?

Anodized aluminum, but without a blast. Machined, cleaned, ano’d. No blast stage in-between.

I am also thinking about the benchmark v or h. Anybody know when the next restock will happen?


Get a Hatchet.

It is an amazingly good yoyo. You will not be disappointed; I assure you.

I was thinking of getting a benchmark because I do not have a SE throw. Plus there is the new dragon slayer color way, and they are restocking solids soon(I think).

Any more opinions?


I am interested in both of those too. Tell me which one you get and how you like it.