Quick Question: Benchmark V vs. CZM8


Hey guys my birthday is coming up in about 15ish days, and my parents want to know what to get me, and obviously a new yoyo would be quite nice. So I am stuck deciding between the two options of the CZM8 or the Benchmark V. I know its all personal preference, etc. but I have a few questions relating to this. I also strictly would like a V, not an H or an O, because I just love the v shape too much for a different shape

-Which one spins longer? (Without modyifing them)

-Which one is better for tech combos?

-Which one gives the “most bang for your buck”?

-Which one is overall more stable?

Thanks guys!


Bump. Anybody quick suggestion please?


I recently got the Benchmark V and love it. It’s very stable, and is super smooth. I can’t comment on the CZM8 as I have never used it. One difference that I am aware of is the Benchmarks have side effects.


I personally love the CZM8. You stated that you wanted to stick with a V shape, so I suggest the Benchmark instead. The CZM8 is more of a step straight shape. I find it more of a H than a V.


Eesh what a hard decision. Ok I guess I’m gonna go with a benchmark. Thanks guys!


Let us know what you think when you get it. Also, lego side effects are a lot of fun.


I really love the V and the CZM8, if i had to get rid of one, i would keep the V. So good choice.