YYF CzechPoint VS Werrd 86400

Hello Everyone,
After some research and discussions on YYE Forums,I have decided to go with either Werrd 86400 or YoYoFactory CzechPoint.So,I want to hear your opinions about these 2 yoyos.Which one would you choose and why?
Every help is really appreciated.
Thanks and have a good day :smiley:

I would still say get the Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0.
But if you still want one of those you said I’ll say werrd 86400.

Either of those is a great choice. If you want something oversized, go with the 86400. If you are going for a regular size throw, definitely the czechpoint.


Alright! I got both of these yoyos (CzPoint and 86400) for about 85-90 bucks.Good deal,eh?
I will use both of them when they arrive and let you know which one I like!
Have a nice day.

Love the 86

How are they?