YYF Colors

I’m a big fan of YYF throws and have been really wanting to buy a full size. First I was going Superstar, now I’m thinking Primo. However, I’ve been trying to buy this full size for over a year. Reason I havent…

Colors. I cannot stand the limited selection of colors. Especially the launch colors for Primo, they are totally dark and dreary. Whats the deal. Is there something wrong with bright colors?

i want the brights, half/halfs, kewl art patterns (like Higby 888)… not boring green tie-dyed with boring black. We have reams and reams of neon strings… and yet all the throws released look like military issue.

Am I the only one?

P.S. I know I could try another brand. I don’t really want to maintain supplies for an assortment of different bearings, response, etc etc.

The color won’t change the play of the yoyo. If you want, you can get one and get it anodized.

Other companies often use the same bearing/response.

just a suggestion but the protostar is a good full size throw and it plays like a metal

Military issue?
I dont know whay but i laugh at that.

True though, darkish colour seems boring now. It is true that it wont affect play, but its more to prefrence issues.

Like; all the reason someone choose a yoyo, down to the estethic is based on the yoyoers prefrence.

I dont really like the colour on my chaotic either. And annodizing take more fund and effort.

Luckily, i think the blue on my 1st run genesis is good enough.

most flamboyant military I’ve ever seen!

makes it look dark but i can assure you it isn’t.

Next Primo colors are Gold/Green, violet/pink, and yellow/black.

sneak peak at green/gold

Ben, I love you man, you are so awesome.

As for using the analogy of Military, man I have never seen an Olive Drab yoyo, PERIOD. Please don’t confuse something “dark and dreary” with the Military. That is all I am going to say.

Yes, but this looks pretty military to me. It’s a Skyline. And I know there was a colorway for some yoyo a little while ago that was camo.

Ape, Don’t forget the Blue Camo SS(My friend has one)

Military eyy?

Not saying there are not military looking ones, but to say ‘all the throws released look like military issue’ is a bit of a stretch.

Military for the win! http://cdn.yoyoexpert.com/88/view/index.html



Actually, I didn’t come across as intended. Military wasn’t the right word. What I really meant is that they look way too SERIOUS. I’m not bashin, but all the throws (and by “all the throws” I am talking about the ones I really want) seem to be colored way too SERIOUS-like.

I don’t want a yoyo that looks like it should be attached to Batman’s belt. I don’t want a yoyo that could be described as “bling”. I don’t want it to look good hangin from the mirror in my Escalade. I don’t want it the same color as my bathroom towels. To me it seems lately YYF is taking “premium” way to serious and are thus giving them sophisticated looking paint jobs.

I wanted an MVP

Way serious looking. Looks like it should come with cuff links.

I wanted a Superstar


I wanted a Primo

Way too serious.

Essentially, I’m a grown man paying 100 dollars for a toy. Think about it… It’s funny. I want my colorway to be FUN. I want it to look like it was made in Willy Wonka’s factory. I want the Mad Hatter’s primo and/or superstar. Whimsical is a great word.

Love it. Just not the right size.

Simple. I’d buy it right now.

Pretty funny. Was posted as a possible example of “military”, but its funky… Wish superstar/primo was available like this.

Again really funny. Posted as “military”, but I dig it.

Wish it was available now.

Yea, make a superstar or primo like that.

Love it. Thats what I’m talkin about. Superstar/Primo please.

This one makes me drool. Superstar/Primo please.

Yea, I know, alot of those are special editions… So that means regular editions can’t look good?

Picture this one… Half/Half. One side Blue with orange dots, the other side orange with blue dots. or forget the dots… The splash would be ok. Half/Half Blue with orange splash, other side orange with blue splash. Or One side green with purple splash, the other side purple with green splash.

Yes… I know appearance doesn’t affect performance. But it should affect purchase. The shirt I’m wearing would fit the same if it was puke green, but that doesn’t mean I’d buy it.

Anyway, YYF… Please bring funky back to premiums.

YEPPIE!! lol

You could get a Severe. They come in pretty sick colors.

However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only YYF. YYF is awesome and all, but having all YYF throws in your collection makes it more boring than having a couple yoyos that have boring colors. There are many full size yoyos from other companies that are spectacular. Try the Peak, it is amazing, and available in so many diferent colorways.

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Really looking for a full H. I don’t have a collection. I’m throwing an 888 and my son has a dv888. I’m trying to find a full (preferably an H) that allows me to only keep one supply of accessories (paying $10 to ship $3 supplies sucks bad). I’d love advice on more fulls (preferably H) that can use Center Trac C and KPad Slim pads, looking for really stable throw.

ThePeak actuallly somewhat proves my frustration. Paolo, you said its available in many colorways. I can’t find it available anywhere, in any color.

try the BOSS it has nyc colors like the aqua splatter ;D

The Peak is hard to find in stores, but very easy to find in the BST.

Why so serious?

I’m not so sure about this thread.