(Frank W.) #1

What can I say… I love it! I’ll start with first impression. I gave it high expectations due to it being modeled after the C22. It looks great just like the pictures. It doesn’t have hubstacks or even comes with hubstacks (I don’t plan on putting any on either). It’s bigger than I expected because of the pictures but not complaining, its slightly smaller than my Clyw BvM. I personally love the shape feels just right in the hand. It plays very well nice and smooth. For me my bearing broke in fast. I also play none stop everyday. The yoyo itself is very wide for easy string hits, so that means for all those slackers and whippers out there it catchs great. It might just be me these past days, but I felt it not to be a very good grinder. The yoyoexpert description said it to be very heavy, but I feel it to be close to the BvM in weight. Over all a very very good yoyo my new favorite!!!

Here are a few pictures


(SR) #2

Awesome review… could go a little more in-depth and organize it though, otherwise, great review!

(D@§h!zn!t) #3

Nice. I could definitely understand you because i myself have a BvM. :smiley: