YYF Ben wasn’t kidding (YYF made a lot of Genesis variants)

Edit for clarification: so Ben remarked below that the Superstar and SuperNova was designed apart from the Genesis but that the Catalyst, Super G and Rockstar were definitely cut from the Genesis’ cloth, so I replaced the Superstar with the Rockstar here and dropped the Nova.

Also the G5 and GM2s came before the Genesis obviously.

@yyfben2.deactivated made a comment somewhat recently that at one point everyone on the team just wanted a Genesis as their signature and that this just wasn’t realistic from a business perspective.

Here’s the apparent result of that:

Super G

G Funk


Grind Mutant 2 (I think)

Grind Machine 2 (I think)



Aviator and Aviator 2


There are definitely others too but you get the idea. Genesis is definitely one of the most influential yo-yo designs ever.


Dat H shape! :heart:

If only I could get my hands on one of those red b-grades… :confounded:


Agreed. It’s an iconic design. It really kind of stems from the G5/G.5. (G.5 is the first pic, G5 is second)


Yeah I definitely considered throwing the G5 in as a reference point. I can’t recall, what came first the GM2s or the G5?

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The G5 did I believe.


I just love how YYFs designs all seem like logical extensions of previous designs they’ve worked on. I don’t get the negative attitude some people have toward them, they’re really the foundation of modern yoyoing in a lot of ways, along with YYJ.


Genesis is a great throw. Still have my jason lee supernova. Its still a blast and still on par with a lot of competition models today.

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Agreed, I still have (somewhere) my Purple Rain edition. Which may have been the first edition? Can’t remember for sure.


G5/grind mutant 2 came first.

Grind machine 2 was the one most followed from.

The catalyst, rockstar and super G were all run on modified cutting paths of genesis. All the same yoyo, just different shape. Superstar and supernova was different and all drawn from ground up, but not in a bubble. There are way more similar to this we made lol.

We also made lots of radically different too tho


I’m not trying to say anything negative, just highlighting that to me it seemed like you were able to satisfy your players desire for yo-yos similar in nature to the Genesis while making them unique enough that they are really a different product.

There’s definitely tons of stuff you guys have put out that’s nowhere close to the Genesis.

Out of curiosity, what was the first mass-produced aluminum yoyo to hit the market?

I know the one I have was first, and released the same time as.another color, but i dont remember what color way. I think it may have been a black and gold but i dont remember

My Genesis is the best Genesis


SB2 maybe?

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This post is dope.

You should look into all the companies that also made variants :wink: :rofl:

Just playing around :upside_down_face:


You’re not lying though

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I’ve been interested in the history of all these yyf variants for a while now. I remarked on it in a different topic not long ago.



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If it’s broad pad it’s from the first run.


It’s also an H shape which is somewhat rare these days, though I’d kinda distinguish based on the angle from respose pad to rim. I don’t think the G5 is really related for that reason, it’s more organic with fat rims, kinda like the Ti-Vayder etc.