Bi-metal shutter confirmed

Every YoYo has its own story.

If anyone wants a specific story I will happily tell it.

Every player has a certain level of involvement.

At one stage everyone on our team just wanted a yoyo that looked and played like a genesis… that isn’t realistic and its my job to crush dreams.

Some signature yo-yos are an opportunity, some fill a need in the market and give a player the opportunity to generate some income to hopefully continue for them to stay in yoyo longer for the benefit of everyone.

Some people ask for Tri-Metals.

The hard part happens if a signature yoyo doesn’t sell. If you give someone the freedom to create the yoyo they dreamed of… but no-one else wants… what happens then? You let them try again and again, or do they need to come back to playing with a non-signature yoyo? Its a hard situation and one we try to avoid.

Bi-Metal shutter wasn’t designed by Gentry, Or even us. It has its own story and we will have fun telling it between now and release later this year.