YYF bearings stuck?

I can’t seem to get the bearings out of my ROCKstar or Super G no matter what I do. The ROCKstar has the stock bearing in it, and the Super G has a CenterTrac (which was in it when I bought it - I remember it used to not even stick in and would fall out when I unscrewed it, so this is very strange). I have two ROCKstars and the other one doesn’t have the same issue. I’ve tried pliers and they didn’t work, and I just bought a YYF multi-tool and it’s not making any progress (though it worked on my other YYF yoyos that I tried it on).

Is there a secret? What do I do?


Be patient and try more. Just be gentle. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get the bearing out.

Just keep rocking it and if it really isn’t working try using some pliers (Be careful though not to tight.).

I’m gonna quote the great sages of LMFAO:

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, yeah!

(repeat as necessary)

If that’s not doing it for you, I suggest you go and work out.

Shufflin’ out of here…

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I’ve been wiggling for at least a half-hour and it’s not budging!



Uh maybe (Not sure if this’ll work.) try putting a bit of lube around the middle part of the bearing seat.

Then wiggle some more.`

YYF bearings seats are notoriously tight. To the point of it being sorta rediculous. I’ve measured the bearing seat on my genesis with a precision tool and discovered that the seat had a very very slight taper to it. The top measured small than the bottom of the seat. I’m talking thousandths of an inch, (can’t been seen by the naked eye). The same holds true for the Catalyst i have. That’s why they are so friggen tight.
Keep working on it, it may take some time but it will come off.

I’ve always found that the smooth end of a drill bit works best.

Yeah you can get a good bit more leverage then the YYF multi tool.

Yes it does! I finally broke down and went to Fastenal and bought a six inch length of quarter inch aluminum rod. It was a little too big at first but i took it to my bench grinder with a fine grit wheel on it and sanded it down a bit. Now it is the PERFECT size.