A little help please especially Genesis owners (removing bearing issue)

My Genesis is great but I think it would be better if I put my konkave bearing in it (right? don’t hesitate to tell me why I might be wrong cause it might make my problem easier hehe)

Anyway my problem is I can’t get the bearing out no matter what. I’ve used pliers even with a cloth to increase friction. I’ve tried using wiggle technique with the pliers.

Any Genesis owners have experience with having trouble removing the bearing?

btw do pros tend to use ‘spec’ or ‘concaves’ ?

Thanks for any help I get :smiley:

Welcome to the YoYoFactory “DeathGrip of the Bearing Seat”. You might have good luck popping it in the freezer for a half hour to an hour. The metals shrink at different amounts, so this may give you the edge to get the bearing out.

What do pros use? Anything and everything. I will say that I’ve had too many bad results with YYF SPEC bearings, but others have had great results. Flats, KKs, CenterTracs, 10-ball, Terrapin X, Trifecta, Crucial Grooved… whatever. There is no “standard”.

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All Genesis come with a bearing tool try that. Works great.Also I’ve come to dislike spec to. I would suggest 10 balls an CenterTracs

a YYF multitool is the best method of freeing a bearing from the YYF Death Grip. My Catalyst had the same problem.

This has to be the fifth topic on YYF death grip this week.

Ben has stated that they’re taking the multitude of complaints into account for future throws. I don’t know if the Ricochet is such a “future throw” but I wonder if it has a death grip bearing seat.

I think the Ricochet is one such “future throw”. I think it’s been proven beyond any sort of reasonable doubt that the bearing doesn’t need to be this tight to a bearing seat to be “vibe free” or smooth. I’m fine with a bearing being tight, but it shouldn’t require heroic or Herculean efforts to be able to be removed, or destroyed in order to be replaced. I don’t mind having to use a bearing removal tool to remove a bearing. My SPYY Amplifier’s bearing was tight to the seat, but less than a minute with the YYF multi-tool removed the bearing. That’s acceptable. This is one of the reasons I stopped buying YYF. However, the bigger reason why I’ve stopped buying YYF is that I actually do have the models I want, and I really enjoy them. The models I don’t have are really things I’m just not interested in or don’t care for. Why? Nothing more than preferences.

I’ll be the first to say YYF makes great stuff. I will also say I really like YYF, or at least I like what I have. I also want to see them stick around a very long time.

So far I’ve owned 2 spacer YYF’s and experienced the spacers being stuck, but I can pry them off with a screwdriver easily. I did get a YYF Spec stuck in my atmosphere, but me having a good strong hand squeezed the pliers hard enough to get it out.

Are they just making spacers and bearing seats bigger than the bearing? But I haven’t owned a metal by YYF yet.

One thing you should do to prevent the new bearing from sticking is to use vaseline or petroleum jelly to lube the bearing seat… It works WONDERS to stuck bearings even in minuscule amounts. (BTW it wont foul the bearing if applied in moderation…)