Genisis bearing problem

So the bearing on my Genisis is very dirty and I want to clean it. It is completely stuck, I’ve tried the YYF bearing remover, and pliers, to get it out both being unsuccessful. Should I wash the bearing inside the yoyo or keep trying to get it out?

All feedback appreciated :slight_smile:

I’d try to get it out. You probably don’t want to get any mineral turp (or any other cleaning agent) into the response area. Try popping the yoyo with bearing into the freezer for an hour or two first and then try the pliers again.


YYFs are notorious for bearings too tight to the seat.

Try the freezer trick, have a good bearing puller handy, have the proper lineman pliers handy and be prepared to destroy the bearing and replace it.

Sorry, it could get bad fast. However, the freezer trick has worked and I would give it a serious try first.

This was fun for me as well. You have to learn how to rock the bearing back and forth with the pliers. For the first time, you might have to do some of that ‘rocking’, release it, turn the pliers 90 degrees clockwise, latch on again, and some more rocking. Rinse and repeat.

After that first time, you can pop it out fairly easily. But you’ll still need pliers.

WIGGLE, don’t pull.

The “Death Grip.” shivveerrs

unless you have a superwide then no deathgrip.

Patience is the key. It will move so little initially that you might not even notice. Patience, put it down walk away, come back, wiggle…Patience. I wouldn’t leave it in the freezer to long or the bearing will contract as well as the aluminum.

Especially those metal spacers in the plastic… also shivers

Their Next Yoyo: YYF DeathGrip!

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