In need of some help


I got a yyf yuuksta yesterday and today the bearing started acting more responsive with each throw. So i grabbed some pliers to get it out and see what was wrong with it and it’s really stuck in there.

So i need some help (or advice) on what i should do to get the bearing out, thanks in advance everyone.


Don’t worry the bearing is just breaking in, just keep pleying and it will return back to normal.

Wiggle the bearing out with pliers or better yet get a bearing removal tool.


I’ve tried the whole wiggle thing and it was a no go so i’m planning on getting the yyf multi took to fix this. also it still lets me do some whip and laceration tricks just fine so no big deal on my end… at least since my yyf boss works just fine^-^


As I said the bearing is just breaking in and after some play it will turn unresponsive again.

The multi tool is definitely a useful buy.