Yuuksta bearing?

Hey guys, my 3 day old Yuuksta’s bearing is sucky. Is there any way I can get it out (I’ve already tried the YYF Multi-tool)?

By sucky, do you mean stuck? If so, wiggle it back and forth with plyers. Is it the small bearing yuuksta? If so, the multi tool won’t work.

If it’s a size-C bearing the multi-tool thingy almost always works, however, it does take some getting used to. Like when I first got a bearing removal tool, I thought it was pretty useless but now I know how to wiggle it properly (It may seem silly, but you really do need to know how to wiggle it properly).

Until then, pliers and some wiggling should work too. I like to wrap the bearing in a rubber band so I don’t scratch the bearing with the pliers.

Yeah for some reason the yuuksta bearing seat is rediculously tight. Ive had three and all of them were like that. I ruined one bearing trying to get it out, so be careful. I wound up using a pair of vice grips and penetrating catalyst to get mine out (tho i dont recommend that). After it was all said and done and took a piece of 280 grit sandpaper and sanded the seat down just a tiny bit. Now it fits snug but not too snug

speaking of yuukstas having tight bearing seats… my first yuuksta had a bearing that literally couldn’t be taken off. yyf and the site I bought it from both tried removing it (even by cutting open the bearing) and even then it wouldn’t come off. so they sent me a new one :slight_smile:

but yeah, even the new one I got has an incredibly tight bearing.