Bearing Donors

Hello all,
Not too long ago, I bought a Yuuksta. Along with it, I also bought a KonKave bearing. Eager to put the KonKave in, I tried to take out the bearing from the Yuuksta, and ended up messing up the stock bearing. Then I put the KonKave in. A few days ago, my bearing felt scratchy and had a bit of vibe, so I figured I would clean it. Sadly, history repeated itself and my KonKave bearing got messed up. I am here to ask if there is a kind soul out there that is willing to donate a size C bearing, new or used. If you would not mind, then please contact me. Otherwise, thank you for your time.

Just message me your address and I’ll send you a few :slight_smile:

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i think a bearing removal tool would do you alot of good, as would making sure the bearing seat is still in shape, but i know what you mean about the yuuksta, the same thing happened to my stock bearing (stupid bench vise). And yoyospirit that’s really kind of you to give him those bearings. also in terms of bearing removal tools, i am very, happy with my one from x^3. and how are you taking the bearings out, because if you are just pulling straight out that could be the reason they are getting ruined, make sure you are wiggling the bearing side to side while holding tight onto your yuuksta. I hope i was able to help.

Without knowing more, it’s hard to say where to look exactly for help.

I do know that YYF could make the bearing fitting a tiny bit “not so gosh darn tight” and make a lot of people happy. This is at least the 4th “Yuuksta eating Bearings” thread I’ve read this year. I’ll say this: I’m never gonna buy a Yuuksta, that’s for sure.

Back to the topic:
You want a bearing pulling tool and the YYF one is NOT going to be sufficient. You want something more along the lines of:

what’s wrong with the yyf tool

When the bearing is in there really tight, you won’t be able to get sufficient leverage and/or a decent grip. I find when the bearings are in really tight, I need to use the bearing puller than came with my DiBase.

That’s what’s wrong with the YYF tool. It works best when the bearings are in there tight, but not this super-tight thing that I’ve read about too often recently in throws, especially the Yuuksta.

I have an old YYF bearing removal tool and an X3 one. Both work well on super tight bearing seats. Sometimes still needs a bit of effort and patience to work a stubborn bearing off.

I also have a YYF multi-tool that’s a teeny bit smaller in diameter than the other two so doesn’t work nearly as well. I thought it was just my one but sounds like Studio42 has had a similar experience.