Stuck Bearing on YYJ Classic


I recently, as in today, got a YYJ Classic, unfortunately its bearing refuses to come off the bearing seat. What do I do?


use some pliers, and just slowly and gentle wiggle. it will come off eventually


I have tried pliers already.
Are you saying don’t try to pull as hard as you can, and just wiggle it?



Just wiggle.

Watch this example video:


Wow. Interestesting. I just got 6 of them go through my hands(2 for me, 2 to a friend, 2 for my kid) and none of the bearings are tight to the seat. Then again, NONE of my YYJ’s have the “tight bearing seat” issue.

Spend more time with the pliers. Worse case, get a bearing pulling tool such as the YYF Multi-tool or a 1/4" drill bit or metal tube.


Yeah, I was a little surprised.
The Dark Magic 2 I got with it had no problems at all.


I would agree get a bearing removal tool or two to have around. They are helpful.


Oh, and it is a thin bearing, so there isn’t much room to wiggle.
Do you guys think that the multitool would be a good buy.



The multi-tool has a decent bearing puller. It also has a string cutter and the hex tool can be used to remove axles or basic tuning, as well as being used to adjust the gaps in the Loop900. And as I’ve learned, in some cases, it can be used to loosen and tighten small set screws that secure a handrail to stage steps.


I think everyone in the yoyo community would agree the multitool is a must have.