yyf bearing defect

all my yyf yoyos i got at worlds the bearings are grindin and spin slowly and short spin times

i was likeing them but now wats up !!!1

YYF SPEC bearings are always a crapshoot for me. Some that I’ve gotten work amazing and others were horrible right from the get-go. Try cleaning them, but before you do, answer this: have you removed them from the bearing seat yet using pliers? If not, don’t because after a long time of experimentation, I think I may have figured out that that might be what caused all mine to suck.

Instead of using pliers, get a drill bit or something else cylindrical that will fit snugly to the inner race of the bearing. Take the flat (non-sharp) side and put that end in, wiggle it around, and the bearing will come out. I just learned that technique this week and it works amazing - even got out the bearing that was like cemented down to my 44, and saved me from another ruined SPEC.

i’m sure if they really are broken then you could contact YYF and they will replace them!

contact them here!


Along with cleaning, LUBE them a bit. Bearings like that a lot.
Unless the bearing is toast a bit of lube will smooth it out nicely.