YYF Aviator or YYO Eager??

So I got some YYE gift cards for Christmas, so now I’m in the market for a new throw.
I’ve narrowed it down to 2 choices:
Yoyofactory Aviator
Yoyofficer Eager

Preference wise, I like mid to full sized throws, I like a V shape most of the time, and I like a throw with some heft to it.
I’m leaning towards the Eager just because of those gorgeous colors. All the YYO throws have called to me, but I’ve never had the chance to buy one. Now I have the chance, but the Aviator looks so good also. Help me out!

Get an Eager. Looks cooler.

The Blue Acid Wash is just a beauty.

I don’t know about the eager, but the Aviator is what you described.

Would take the Aviator over the eager myself if given the option of those 2. Now if they had the hatchet it might be a tougher decision.

My Eager’s coming in the mail!

are you eager for the eager?

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No need to be too eager over his eager

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Haha yes.