Why is there no hype about Aviator?

Shutter, Level 6 and the upcoming CZM8 generated a lot of reviews and discussions, but people seem silent about Aviator
Is this due to the fact the price is far above “magic” $50 price point? Or is this because it’s boring, non-interesting throw not worth attention?
I am looking for extremely stable, long-spinning yoyo, and Aviator looks like a very possible option
What do you think guys?

The aviator is exactly what you are looking for. Think updated Genesis. Thing is a powerhouse.

Thx. Genesis 2013 is definitely on my short list.
Is 7075 variant the way to go?

Yoyofactory have a 2014 Genesis in the works as well, can’t wait.

I really planned on getting an Aviator, but my collection has now got to the point where I’ll only really buy a new throw if I feel it can bring something different to the table.

A 2014 genesis? I’m curious!

Call me shallow, but I don’t like the way it looks.

I’m surprised I haven’t spent my Christmas money yet haha
Too much stuff is coming out I can’t decide what to get

P.S. You guys do know there will be Vashek’s new CZM8, a metal yoyo with metal weight rings, a new northstar, non glow versions of the hubstack, a 2014 genesis, Patrick Borgerding’s new signature yoyo, and another YYF x TP collab all coming out this year right? The last 2 might happen during the summer or something according to their ask.fm

I think I’m shallow to.
But mainly because i never really heard about it.

I’m guessing people are quiet about it since they only made a few hundred to begin with, and those sold out from YoYoFactory pretty much immediately. There just aren’t that many floating around yet, and the majority of the people who have them are mostly playing with them and not posting about them on message boards.

From what I’ve heard it seems to be a pretty fantastic throw, although I don’t have one yet.

I have an Aviator. I would like to say that it deserves a lot more hype that it’s gotten. One of the best throws in my collection.

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Well, I’ll have a chance to play one soon so not interested in buying one atm.

I have an Aviator and I performed in front of 2000 plus people during Lunar New year. I also used it in the YYE online throwdown. Aviator is the best yoyofactory yoyo hands down. I tried Shutter, Genesis, H.O.T, Superstar and Supernova. Aviator is just more stable, comfortable to hold and solid. IT IS UNDERRATED AND UNDERHYPED!!!


Wait, I thought hype was bad?

So hype is good for YoYoFactory releases, but not for CLYW?


CLYW is bad. Everything they do is bad, dumb, terrible, additional adjective. Everything about them is so bad, that’s why 4/5 of their 2014 lineup is sold out and 6/10 colorways of the 5th yoyo is sold out. Not only do they make terrible yoyos that barely sell but the company is run by a demon who is notorious for going out of his way to help customers when something goes wrong with an order, not to mention being an all around nice guy in all public media in addition to collecting a team of players whom a bad word is scarcely heard about.

In all seriousness, apparently you’re damned if you have the hype train pushing you along, and you’re damned if you don’t.

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I like the Aviator a lot and I’m glad I decided to go yo-yo shopping just after midnight on New Year’s Eve :stuck_out_tongue: but on a straight performance to price comparison there’s no real reason to get it over a Shutter or any of the other $50 stuff out there now.