YoYoFactory AVIATOR Now Available!


Luis Enrique Villasenor has dominated the competitive yo-yo circuit throughout 2013, capturing titles at the coveted Bay Area Classic, Mexico Nationals, and placing 3rd at the World YoYo Contest. He throws with more speed, style, and strength than most players who have been at it for far longer than he has. To conclude his most successful year of yoyoing, YoYoFactory has finalized a design with Luis that offers every bit of performance that Luis requires. We present AVIATOR.

The Aviator pulls influence in design from other YoYoFactory models while offering a completely unique shape and play style. Expect extremely long spin times and remarkable stability, with still enough maneuverability to run through complicated combos. Seriously. The shape is also one of the most comfortable shapes to hit the hand and we have a feeling this will quickly become a new favorite weapon of choice by Team YoYoFactory for 2014!

http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Aviator-YoYoFactory.jpg http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Aviator-YoYoFactory1.jpg http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Aviator-YoYoFactory2.jpg

This first release is available in three killer Acid Wash colors that look great both in hand and spinning! Only 100 of each color produced for this initial release!

(Erik Kerber ) #2

^ that throw looks amazing To bad I dont have any money right now


Don’t know if I should get one. I got the money but… Who knows?


I am definitely getting one of these. Next purchase.

BTW, shouldn’t this post be under the YYE Releases and Restocks section of the forum?



That looks absolutely stunning


Bring on the Galaxy Aviators! That would be so tasty…


I think I want one but it will have to wait a few months.


every single new yyf throw is 56, it gets old after awhile. make a new undersized pls!


is it just me or does it sorta look like a shutter…


It’s just you


Sine i loved the shutter, I’m interested in this…


Yes! And it has that flat hub area just like the Proton, so it would look so nice. Rumor has it, they are thinking of putting it on the new Superstar. I’d like to see it on both and start a Galaxy collection. ;D


Looks like another great yoyo at a great price from YYF. The specs make it look like a beast of a player and its actual shape looks like it would be much more comfortable in the hand than some of the other similar throws out there with a slightly sharper shape.


The more I look at this the more I want it, it looks less bulky than the first time I saw it.


I’m thinking about getting. Wish it was shutter price but it looks nice. Will it come out in a different splash?


From what YoYoFactory has told us they will make more colors soon.


Now, this is worth waiting for. It has that Galaxy pattern to it ;D We’ll have to find out the timeline for it to appear in stock. This is a sneak peek:

That is a YoyoFactory photo. :wink:


^ those will not be available on YYE. They are being sent to a Mexican distributor. There was only like 12 made.


:frowning: So, I missed them then. I wasn’t going to buy from Mexico anyway. Oh well, life goes on I guess. On the bright side there will be another run here soon, so maybe it will be something even better.