YoyoFactory Aviator 2, Available Now!

YoyoFactory posted some great photos of the new Luis Enrique signature, Aviator, on IG. I’m not sure if they will call this Aviator 2.0, or just the new Aviator. We’ll just have to wait and see. But, look at the colorways on it. I see one in YoyoExpert colors too! ;D I need both galaxies too. :o



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Very nice! I had heard that a new Aviator was on the way, and those colour schemes look great :slight_smile:



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Yep, more money is needed now. Lol

Yes yes yes, so much win

Looks much better!

Looks nice but hey I need to get a weekend.

Dem colors. I want them all.

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I hope they have some at Worlds…

are you attending? :o

staying on topic, i am super hyped about this, the aviator is one of my all time favorite throws.

cant wait to try one ;D ;D ;D

wow I really like that shape, wonder what the price will be.

I like the layout of the cup, it has that step like the bvm2 for more mid-weight instead of all the weight being concentrated towards the rim.

The latest from YoyoFactory’s ask.fm page:

I just realized the shape is different than the existing Aviators, looking a little more like the Proton, with some differences on the cups of the yoyo.

Any idea when these will release? Shape looks comfortable to hold.

the turquoise purple and pink one is calling my heart…

That pink though 8)

Oh man, that looks great.

anyone know when this will drop? this was basically a shameless bump, cause this throw looks freakin sweet!

Anything on if YYE will get them anytime soon?

Wow these look sweet. Not sure whether to get this or the zechpoint.