New Release! The YoYoFactory Aviator 2!

The Aviator is back and better than ever! Last year, Luis Enrique Villasenor dominated the International Yo-Yo Open just one week before Worlds, but unfortunately made a few mistakes and didn’t make it to the finals. This year, Luis was a top contender for the title and YoYoFactory sent him to Tokyo with a totally re-designed yo-yo! The new Aviator 2!

With luis it has always been a matter of matching his speed with the dynamics of the yo-yo. He has such amazing control that he loves a heavy yo-yo, but in freestyle sometimes this holds him back. YoYoFactory needed to design a yo-yo with a heavier feel that could also accelerate when Luis needed it, and that’s what they did! The Aviator 2 has the feel and shape that Luis loved from the original Aviator with more stability and speed!

Made in the USA, weighted and balanced to Luis’ preferences, and fitted with a grind finish and CTX bearing, The Aviator 2 is will elevate any freestyle! Just take a look at Luis’ 8th Place WYYC Freestyle and you will see what this yo-yo is capable of!

Really nice colorways!

first 67.4, then 66.2, then 65.3
all in a week

Ano can effect the weight of a yo-yo sometimes, it’s not an exact science. I just weighed 4 of the Aviators, all different colors, and got 65.7, 65.1, 65.3, and 64.8

None were 66/67, so I would say expect the average weight to be around 65ish.

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