YoYoFactory Aviator

So, I recently got myself the new YYF Luis Enrique Aviator. I received it in the mail recently and I love to throw it.

Details: (per YYE shop)
Diameter: 56.5mm
Width: 44.75mm
Gap Width: 4.72mm
Weight: 68g
Bearing Size: Center Trac Size C
Response: Yellow PRO Pad Response - CBC “Slim Pad” 19mm OD
Axle: CBC 8mm Axle

Color: Purple Acid Wash

First Look:
When I unboxed it for the first time, I was blown away. It is, by far, the most beautiful yoyo I have ever purchased. YYF and Luis really outdid themselves with this throw. I notice that it is very similar to the Shutter looking at it turned sideways (looking at the width).

First Throw:
Again, blown away. It is nice and solid. It is so dead smooth that I can not feel even the slightest hint of vibe on it. It is a brilliant yoyo. I love the size of it too (I like full-sized throws). For those of you who love full-sized throws with plenty of money to spend, this yoyo is for you.

Current Opinion:
No changes in the way it plays. Still dead smooth, still perfect. I wish I had more yoyos like this. I guess I will have to wait until my money gets back up. :smiley:

I think that this yoyo is good for anyone who loves the Shutter. It plays similar to one but different as well. It would also be a good throw if you are looking for a full-sized, solid, smooth yoyo.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
I find this yoyo to be great for horizontal and thumb grinds. Unfortunately, because of my current left arm situation (if you haven’t heard about it), I can not quit get the most out of it yet. Currently, I have found now weaknesses with this completely dominant throw.

Thanks for reading,

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Is it a slower yoyo, or can it go fast?

Well, my arm has not been in full throttle (see my Yoyo Disabilities post) so I can not tell you yet. I can’t go as fast as I normally can but I will certainly mention on my review when I get back to normal.

My arm is in mostly full swing now and I have found that it goes decently fast. Not as fast as a Strix, CZM84VK, or Shutter, but, imo, the play makes up for all of that.

It also depends on how fast you are. I am decently fast but not as fast as many. I am probably just unable to push it to the max, but if somebody, like Mickey, got a hold of one, I’d say it would go pretty fast.

The thing with the Aviator is that it is hefty, though. It is not a lightweight throw. Therefore, it is not going to be your best choice for a fast yoyo. My recommendation, for the same price, near same size, and same company, the CZM84VK is your best bet.

Nice review.
I think it can be more in depth, and adding a picture or two wold make a review even better.

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Am I right that if I need a stable, long-spinning throw for relaxed, slow play, Aviator looks like an ideal choice?

Hold on guy!!! Aviator is NOT slow. It is NOT slow at all. Due to its DEAD SMOOTH Stability it can be really fast. This yoyo when played right is faster than Shutter, Strix, Superstar, and genesis.

P.S. I did not speed up the video whatsoever. This speed is achievable. (Asian play-style).
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This is yours (and much more than that). This sounds like you need one of these. It is long-spinning, stable, although, it can go fast.

I am not a fast player. So, asking me if a yoyo is fast is not going to get an accurate answer. This proves my answer wrong.