YoYoFactory Aviator: New Luis Enrique Signature

For those of you currently unawares:

YoYoFactory Aviator Specs:

Weight: 68g
Width: 44.75mm
Diameter: 56.5mm
Gap: 4.72mm
Response: 19mm CBC Yellow Pads
Bearing: CBC Center Trac
Axle: CBC 8mm
Retail Price: Approx. $90 USD

(All credit for the pictures and stats go to yoyonews.com)

Looks darn tasty! That pink is beautiful, I might just have to pick one up…

Very cool! Looks like a cross between an organic and a h-shaped although there isn’t really a good side profile to look at.

Another thread on the subject with other photos:



(Copied and pasted from the thread TA linked)

YoyoFactory Instagram posted a release date yesterday, of December 30, 2013. Start saving up folks. I’m all over that blue. They also announced a “Players Line” for 2014, this being the first of the bunch to release.

It’s made in the US too! My birthday money is definitely going towards this.

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Reminds me of a SWYYC Royale.

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Looks nice! A shape that is going to feel great in the hands.

Really? That’s definately an added plus.

So many new throws coming out vowing for my money at the moment. So hard to decide between them all…

I like the simplicity of the engravings on this. Looks darn clean.

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It looks good but the weight is a little on the high side for me. That may be offset by the large size, definitely would have to try before I would consider picking one up.

I agree, it seems from Luis’ signature Genesis (which were 68.3g/69.5g/67.1g respectively) that he likes solid, stable, heavier throws. I can imagine that this will play pretty solidly, which I’m all for but I appreciate that not everyone will like the weight.

I like both. If you made me pick a favourite, I would go for lightweights. But I like a good solid throw sometimes, too. Variety is the spice of life and all that. :wink: My favourite throw for a while was the SPYY Pro, which weighs in at 67.5.

Luis must love that pink, blue and orange.  Same colors on those citrus Genesis models.


yeah I think it looks loads like the Royale too.

The name, the profile, the color. Awesomah

$90 too, that ain’t too bad. Definitely picking this up.

Looks great I really like the genesis so this looks really nice I think it looks like a genesis - avant garde mix almost


Any clarification as to where it says this? Not that it’s a deal breaker or anything, but with so many of YYF’s throws being made in China it’d be interesting to see it made in the USA.

They said on their Instagram. I wonder if all the 2014 players line will be USA made, or if this is made in the USA to kick off their new line and the others will be in China just the same. My dad told me that the prices to produce in the USA vs China are almost the same these days.