YYF Avant Garde Help?


I don’t know if this is in the right section but I need some help/advice…

So i got an Avant Garde and after a few days of play my string snapped. and it’s notl ike it snapped at the complete end of the string. it snapped a bit higher. It’s as if it might have gotten burnt from being run along the sides of the inverted inner caps.

I got ANOTHER Avant Garde and the same thing happened. it snapped again…

Now i don’t know if it’s just the way im palying with it, or maybe im not changing the string enough, but it’s snapped a good few hours of play time.

Any recommendations?


Maybe you should just change your string more often


I haven’t heard much about this yo, but what you’re saying doesn’t sound promising.

My only thought would be to unscrew the yo halves, put one of your broken strings on the yo half with the bearing, and try to see precisely where the string is rubbing against the yo. Then rub your finger along that spot of the yo and see if you feel any rough spots (check that area on both yo halves). If you feel a rough edge or an area that seems sharp, maybe try sanding it a bit with sandpaper. Do that at your own risk though. I can’t think of anything else to do in your situation.

Maybe your string is bad or something? I use string for a long time before I change it, and I only change it because it’s getting dirty and stretched out. Sounds like something is wrong.

Sorry to hear about your problem.


Change it more often, and use poly.


I thought yyf masked the inner walls of there yoyos from the blast. You should just take some d denim or leather and just rub away at the spot that is snapping strings until it is smooth.


Or if that is not tough enough you could satin and polish it. But that is only if you don’t mind it having no color and looking like a mirror.


Yeah I use denim or a wash rag, if you use Sandpaper you will remove paint and ano. Just rub the rag or denim around the inner wall for 15 or 20 minutes. It should help. Hope you figure it out!