My yoyo string keeps snapping

Hey guys, before satin’ing my yoyo, it worked fine. I could play for days without changing the string . After satin’ing my 888 , the string snaps after a few throws . Anyone know what’s wrong and how to fix it? String: Yoyofactory Yellow Strings, Kitty Strings . They snap on both but work fine on my other yoyos. No troll replies please :expressionless:

You might want to rub the inside of the yoyo, where it has contact with the string, with a scotch brite pad or your jeans just to smooth it out, that could be the problem. Make sure the inside is all smooth and string friendly :wink:

Also maybe don’t throw so hard, I had a bad string breaking problem when I first started

Yep you’ve made the string zone too rough and it’s destroying your string. djbcide gave you the proper information to fixing it.

gonna find a scotch brite pad now