String snapping - Split from phone number post

Okay thank you. I have a big problem with my string because for some reason, they keep snapping like after fifteen to twenty-five minutes of use! And I am afraid that the string is going to snap while using my number one most favorite throw, the Crucial Cupcake! It has already hit a wall once because of a brand new string snapping, and I don’t want it to happen again!! Thanks!!

Umm, sounds like a problem with the yoyo.

No, The string is snapping right by my finger. The yo-yo is brand new. It is a Crucial Cupcake.

Are you using cotton string? That breaks fairly easy, usually at the finger loop for me.

The rims on the Cupcake cut strings, not the string zone.

And that’s not where his are breaking… :wink:

The rims still come in contact with that part of the string.

Given the shape of the cupcake it’s extremely unlikely that the rims are cutting the string unless he’s got a really bad throw. It’s more than likely the finger loop cutting the string. He’s either got a bad batch or some terribly weak string to begin with.

90% of the time when people I teach have this problem it turns out they have their yoyos tuned to almost no response and they throw very hard, causing the yoyo to slip at the end and totaly blast the string when it hits the end of the string. A very hard throw does not equal a good throw. Keep that in mind. I get great spin times and don’t throw hard at all unless I need all that extra spin time.

its the cupcake. there have been several treads posted about how the cupcake cuts strings near the finger. its cutting like 3 inches below your middle finger right? its caused by the sharp rims of the catchzone and when you bind it comes in contact wit the top o the string.

The cupcake is notorious for snapping/eating strings.

But, Is it possible that your tying the string wrong, or weakening it when tying? If you’re using Cotton string that may be one reason why It’s snapping.


Do you mean that little ridge at the outer edge of the sili groove?


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Yeah, there are lots of threads about this. Is there any way to dull them at all?

Uhh, sandpaper.

Or denim.

I can’t wait to see when you finished sanding it. It would certainly be quite a sight.

Are you sure it’s the Cupcake? I don’t understand how it is cutting the string! The yo-yo is so smooth! Please explain to me in more detail if someone can? Thank you so much!!!

What string are you using??