Snacktime String Fraying

I have been playing snacktime and the last two strings I have grabbed have been fraying and snapping withing several hours of play. Anyone else had this issue?

Where on the strings are they fraying and snapping at? Near the hand, near the yo-yo? Have you chatted with Bradley about it yet?

What yoyo are you playing? There’s a chance you have some rough spots or edges that are wearing at the string. Beadblasts also have a heavy affect on string wear.

Also, how long is several hours exactly? Considering their string is 100% poly at the moment, wearing out within a day of play is perfectly normal.

I’ve had strings snap after 45 minutes of play. Perfectly normal. that’s why I started changing my string after about 20 minutes or so.

I’ve been using mostly Snacktime strings and don’t have any fraying problems. I did have one string where the knot (that comes tied on the string where you create your slipknot) came undone and my Superstar went flying across the garage on a hard breakaway. Fortunately it landed right in an open box that had packaging materials in it. Whew! I’m going to start changing my strings quicker now as I’ve been waiting too long and play is suffering, and now I’m worried about my yoyo taking more untethered flying lessons.

It was near the base but I think it was just a bad string it only happened with two from the exact same package. And I am using a Hatrick. And it was the very end of the string at the yoyo. No problems now!

EPIC! Heart attack, for me lol.
I usually change my strings when they snap, get a knot, or just get dirty.