Burning through strings


I just got a new Crucial Cupcake and I really like it! One problem though, I’m burning through strings like never before. Usually with my YYF BOSS or Genesis, it takes at least a week for the string to show signs of wear. With my Cupcake, I snapped a YYSL type X in 2 days. And then last night I snapped a brand new YYE string in 2 hours of play. I just threw on a new Toxic string this morning, and within 20 throws and can see the beginning of the fray. So is it this new yoyo that keeps snapping the strings? Im just confused, the Cupcake is no heavier than my genesis (idk if this would be a factor in sapping strings tho). Anyone know whats going on? Btw each time the string frays or snaps, its always about 2 inches below where my finger would be.


It might be the roughness of the yoyo. I think that rubbing the inside of the yoyo with something leather for a while can help that. You could also be throwing harder then before. I would buy some especially strong string, so that it doesn’t break as often.


Not the inside, the outside where the string comes into contact with the yoyo.


ahhhh, thanks. It still might be the yoyo. never having played the cupcake, I don’t know how rough the outside is.


If it was me, I’d contact where I purchased it from. They may have a solution or recommendation from.

Here’s an example:
A D-bearing Skywalker I purchased for a friend(he’ll pay me back) was eating strings. I contacted YYE about it and they offered to exchange it, but they also noted there could be an issue and they suspected that based on their experience, it would go away after eating a few strings. They also gave permission to do the denim rub-down for the bearing rim and if that didn’t work, let’s do the exchange.

The end result in this situation:
In this case, after eating a few more strings, the issue resolved itself.

So, if it’s breaking at the end or where the string goes around the bearing, it’s the outer rim of the bearing recess. Get advice from where you bought it from before proceeding. The idea is to see if you can use your warranty. The problem with yoyos is that warranties can be a tricky area!


I had the exact same problem with my Crucial Cupcake.


It is the Cupcake. I have 2 and they both shred strings. The outer rim of the response area is “sharp” compared to other Crucials and most other throws. I’ve tried leather, denim, etc…kept burning through the strings. I ended up mildly sanding the response area with very fine sandpaper in between silicone jobs and it did help. Just a warning, it also did mildly remove some of the ano, I knew it would happen, but just so you know, you will remove ano if you do it that way.

Otherwise I think the Cupcake is phenomenal, but it absolutely chews up strings, yep. YYE, Kitty, String lab, Toxic, none can withstand the Cupcake! My 2 shredded all those brands.


Wow, thanks for all the responses guys! Anyway the string is ALWAYS snapping a few inches below the finger loop, NOT the area where the string is attached to the bearing. So i don’t see why roughness or the outer rim of the bearing recess could be causing this problem. The yoyo hardly ever comes in contact with the area below the finger loop.


That’s definitely not due to yoyo roughness. Is this yoyo heavier than others? My guess is that it’s actually snapping where the finger loop intersects the main piece of the string. This is a major stress point in string. I usually see this on worn strings, but I suspect a heavier yoyo will have a similar effect. (See the pic below)

But I don’t know a solution, since your strings are new and it apparently happens with different brands.


No, its not snapping where the finger loop intersects with the main string. Its snapping a bit below that area. And this yoyo is no heavier than my Genesis, which has no problem with strings.


Mine always snaps like 2-3 inches below the finger loop as well. Seriously, that is exactly exactly my problem. That part of the string only touches the area of the yoyo I’m blaming for the tears when you throw the yoyo down and when the yoyo stops when you catch it. Literally, this is exactly the problem with my Cupcakes. It’s tearing/breaking exactly where you say it is. I may be mistaken but I really think it’s the outer rim of the response area ever so lightly grazing the string with throws and catches. At the very least my solution did make my strings last longer. I don’t know…but you’re definitely not alone in this problem with the Cupcake.


It might be your throw sometimes if I throw something to hard I see it will start to fray :wink:


It wouldn’t be his throw in this case.


Alright then, I will consider sanding down the response area. I opened mine up and i see what you mean bye the fact that the outer rim of the response area is “sharp”.


Use kevlar or Graua strings.


I would bet that it is. It just looks to be down from there. You’d be surprised how much goes around the finger to where the loop intersects. It’s usually 1.5-2 inches below the loop knot.


When I pick up a throw Im usually throwing it for over 2 hrs at a time so I change my stings every day on what throw I decide to use, wont find a dirty or frayed string on any of my throws, I just get 100 packs of kitty and go to town on em. Ive never had one snap or fray since Ive never left them on long enough to do so


I can see how the intersection of the finger loop and main string can cause wear and tear on strings, but in this case i don’t think its the problem. When i put the string on my finger i can see that the area where the fraying is is significantly lower down than to where you are refering.


I had no idea they made kevlar string.


They sell em on yye, or atleast used to. Too lazy to check. lol