YYF AGx888


What’s this from? Is it your own mod?

Actually, it’s an abandoned YYF throw.Never got released.

That’s a shame, too. Looks lovely.

It looks huge.

thats because it’s next to a g-funk

That looks incredible, but makes sense why it wasn’t released something like that would be difficult to machine.

Yea, I mean, just look at it O.o

Where is it at?

Wow, I definitely would have had to buy one of those. I am a sucker for hubstacks and wacky designs. I’m still bummed out there was never a hubstacked Yuuksta or G-Funk

With the g funk you can add them yourself. Doesn’t it have an open axlehole?

The 888 is one of my all time favorites and the AG2 is pretty sweet too. I think its better if this yoyo wasn’t released because too many heads would explode from it.

Well the ag series are both controversial. Either loved or hated type thing.

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Looks like a hubstacked Cliff…

This thing would have been a flop. Most of you only want it until it’s actually available.


Well I love the ag1 and the 888. I would own it

I definitely would have picked this one up but I agree that it likely would have done terribly.

It would be pricey to machine, but fun to play.