YYF 888 vs. YYF Skyline


Which is better?


It depends. Do you like the 888’s shape or the skyline’s shape?
It’s all just preference. I honestly love the 888, especially 888.11.


it depends on which 888 model and what your prefences are. i think the most comparable 888 to a skyline is the 2007 888, as it is the lightest, and has a similar shape and weight as the skyline. i belive the skyline wins that battle big time though. if you are going to buy either one, look for one on the bst. both of the yoyos you want lose their value pretty darn well. 888s are friggin deal sweeteners. but imo, the skyline is an epic as heck yoyo. VERRYY fast, especially with out stacks!


also the skyline is more angular and slightly h shaped, and the 888 is rounded.