Classic 888 or Skyline?

As the topic states, which one would be a better choice?

i think a classic 888 is better for people with smaller hands
the skyline is a much larger yoyo and it does not have as long as a spin time compared to the 888


There’s so much misinformation in this post that it’s almost fascinating.

Both the 888 and the skyline are great yo-yos. They are both undersized.
The 888 has a more rounded shape while the skyline has a more angular shape. Look at your yo-yos right now and based on all of them which is your favorite type. Based on that does your favorite resemble the 888 or skyline? You can’t go wrong…

*By the way im just saying that you should go for the 888x… its cheaper and less flaws
Hope this helps!

so if I like the superstar, then I should get the skyline, since it has the same angular shape?

The shape is similar, but look at the shape, decide which you like. Rounded or angular. Also, does price matter? Skyline is $20 more.

Skyline. Everyone and their mother has an 888.

I have to be transparent and honest here, Never have tried a skyline in my life. The 888 however is an amazing yo-yo. One of the BEST I’ve ever had, it feels amazing, and has so much potential. The reason ‘everyone and their mom’ has one is because they are great yo-yos. Sure some people may be ‘conforming’ to get the cool expensive yo-yo the good yo-yoers have, but the 888 is a great throw. I’d recommend it to anyone who was looking to start doing freestyles.

I have both of them and they’re both very good throws ;D

For me the thing they’re pretty different is the weight and shape, if you want a light throw but not too light go for the skyline if you think you want a yoyo who’s not too light nor too heavy go 888.

Whatever your choice you can’t go wrong with either one.

Hope this helps :smiley:

I switched from Superstar to Skyline and I’m really happy. Play your Superstar stackless and you’ll have a ball park idea of what a Skyline would feel like. Ultimately, you’ll lose a bit of spin time & stability (not much, just a bit) to gain smaller-more maneuverable size, better grinding, & overall feeling of more control (maybe due to slightly smaller gap and pads that protrude into the gap ever so slightly). Skyline is my current favorite yo, but I’ve never played 888 to compare it to.

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Thanks, everyone.

I guess I shall start saving up for a skyline as my next yoyo.

yes i would recomend that. to me, the 888 just felt too slow