If you own both a Skyline and 888X.....


Tell me which one you like more and why… also if you have the time, please state pros and cons based on your own personal experiences. I’m trying to find a great yoyo but just wanted to do some research first so that I don’t end up wasting 100 bucks on a yoyo that I don’t like… :wink:

All help is appreciated…


I have personnally only tried the 888x. And let tell you it is so awesome, it is the smoothest yoyo ever, dead unresponsive, great binds, and long spin times. This is just my opinion, and i’m sure that the skyline plays great so I would go by which shape you like because from what i’ve heard they’re both great yoyo’s and i’m sure which ever one you pick you will like.


I own both, but teling you my preferences would be pointless considering its why and which one I like.


both are great go with your gut, or the colour way you like best

btw i like the skyline better :wink:

(Jesse) #5

They’re both AMAZING yo-yos.

They’re very similar, but the Skyline is a bit more H-Shaped. I enjoy them both, and trust me, you will too. Just go with your gut. Choose a cool colorway. Trust me, you’ll be satisfied.


I have both and I have to say the skyline is much better. I have a 2007 edition and the re-release and I have to say i like the 2007 much better.



Even my best friends both have one. Jason has a pre-pro, and Justin is getting one from lafradocyo!


Definitely the Skyline. The 888x just doesn’t feel like a $100 yoyo to me.


I havent played with an 888x but i can tell you the skyline is an amazing deal.
Well for me that is.
-It runs smooth on the stock bearing
-Looks pretty sleek
-Its a smaller yoyo
-It somewhat weighted on the sides
-hubcaps(the hubcap bearings are really smooth
-it comes in a freaking sweet box that said “you have bought an awsome yoyo. your in for quite a treat”
-the hubcaps… because they are on a small yoyo, you cannot do thumb grinds even with them out as the are mounted on posts and it hurts really bad to jam a fing or thumb in there cause it is a tight squeeze
-i guess you could say the price at 120

Id go with the skyline if you dont plan on buying a new yoyo in the near future…(at least three months) with it being a tight time and all(and i dont know your position) Btw i replaced the stock with a konkave bearing. My yoyofactory bearing is sitting happily in my new breed. i was really surprised on the quality of the yoyofactory bearing. I got the half orange half blue as i like yoyos with different colors and i think its the best one to get if you dont want to spend 10 extra on the splash colors.
Well you can thumb grind but its not as easy if you have the hubcaps in… :stuck_out_tongue:

But id say skyline if you like a good spin in a small package :wink: