Help on new yoyo

I’m going to get myself a new yoyo. I want to get an all metal one and mainly for 1A, iI like slightly smaller and wider yoyos and I would obviously want one that’s smooth on the string. Oh, and the price limit is around 120$.
Ok, I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to these:
YoYoFactory Skyline -
YoYoFactory 09 888 Aqua -
HSpin The Cut -

Based on my preference, which yoyo would you recommend?

I’d have to say an 09 888, it’s undersized, wide gap, and smooth in play, and the shape is built for 1a. You also get to mess with hubstacks. I have one and i love it ;D

Well, now I’m actually just deciding between the skyline and the 888. I really have no idea which to pick because I’m hearing good things about them both.

I loooooove the Skyline. More reasons to come, later. I g2g to sleep now ;D

Skyline- smoother- great grinds- and AWESOMER!

09 888 aqua

I’d get a superstar.

He ment skyline or 888 - if said said “Any suggestions?” then say superstar… Not to be mean… but yea… ;D

True, I don’t think we should present another choice for him. I agree with Evan. I love the Skyline for its smooth grinds, and wonderful String play. However, if I could change anything, I would make it slightly heavier, but besides that, I would choose the Skyline.

Have Fun Throwing,

Ok, I decided to get a Skyline! ;D Thanks for all your help.

You will not regret it! Get ready for some smooth play! Here are some videos of the Skyline that I like.

The above video has Paul Dang using the skyline in some clips.

Have Fun Throwing,

Alright to me it sounds like the yoyo that you are describing the most is probably the 888. It is has a slightly smaller diameter than most yoyos, yet a very wide gap. Also it is generally just an overall great yoyo.(especially with t stacks)

Hm…I was under the impression that 888’s give a mad wobble/vibe with T-Stacks or Z-Stacks. Whatever you say!

Have Fun Throwing,

Ok, no offence- With z and t stacks they wobble and please read the whole thing before you type something- he already chose skyline

I’ve never had a problem w/ my 888 when using z-stacks… maybe I’m lucky. Oh, and great choice on the Skyline, its more than good, its great!

Sorry I did read the whole thing, but I guess I missed the most important one. :-[

Oh yeah, and mine plays fine with the t stacks, no wobble in generall, unless I throw it really bad.