888 or Skyline?

(Shisaki) #1

So I’m getting a yoyo for my b-day and I cant decide which one to pick, the 888 or skyline.
Preferences from Samad’s list:
1.I like small yoyos like the M1
2.I prefer a yoyo that has flat rims but round works too
3.I like a silicone response yoyo
4.I will maintain it but I might change the bearing
5.COLOR MATTERS A LOT. I want the yoyo that has the most nicest look.
6.I only do 1A tricks
7.My price range is up to $150
8.My skill level is advanced

(Connor) #2

Based on your preferences you could probaly go either way so ill toss in my 2 cents on the matter:

SKYLINE :smiley:


they rock,smooth!!

(Shisaki) #4

2 replys in the first 3 minutes :o Where can I find a skyline othere then gold cuz I looked on yoyonation and yoyoz.co.uk

(Connor) #5

The B/S/T section of the forum here. or another place…cough

Im not sure if were allowed to post links to other places


well if it is a skyline,than post links,just ont post links if YYE has whatever u r posting links to.


I don’t think the Skyline will work for you at all.

The shape is far from what you want. The closest thing to what you want is the 888.

(Shisaki) #8

Anyone recommend a yoyo other then the 888 and skyline that fits my preferences?


It doesn’t matter Samad, any yoyo can help him. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]


Yeah, but we are trying to find a yoyo to fit his preferences, not to just find a yoyo.


I have both and I definately like my skyline better :wink: