YYF 2.0 vs. YYJ xconpro vs. YYJ theory


Only the throws above please! Thanks!


One word theory


Thanks! Anymore recommendations?


Theory because it full sized and the caps are neat


a c3 Dibase is 3$ cheaper than the theory and it a good yoyo like the therory.


Theory out of the choices




love my theory


Of the choices, XCon Pro because I have one. However, it’s undersized and has an attitude. It’s a great yoyo, well balanced. It’s strength is making you a better player by making you improve your throw in order to fully utilize it. Then, since it’s small, improving your accuracy on your better throws(read: when throwing the yoyo, although improved accuracy will translate to your other yoyos).

I’ll get a Theory later. No interest in the YYF 2.0

However, I feel of the three listed, only the Theory is best suited for today’s competition.


I have a 2.0, it’s not amazing. It’s nice, and I think if it never sells off my BST I might use it as a nice cheap beater. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to anyone though…


I have loved my Theory since I purchased my Theory. It plays remarkably well. I do feel that the caps are fun but slightly difficult to hit. Took me quite a bit of practicing to become proficient with using the gimmick that is the Theory’s caps, but it is honestly a very fun throw and well worth the cost.


Its too cheap! That’s like buying a Titan3 for $60!!!