I'm totally stuck! Theory or Triton?

I have been looking at the Theory for a while, but everybody praises the Triton lately.

-I like the way my Capless plays, very smooth cutting through the air, but I’m just exploring at this point.

-No preferred shape really, once again I’m exploring.

-I would like a good bit of rim weight, I’ve noticed I like the weight feel it gives more.

-I am working on horizontal. I don’t really want something that specializes in it if it is bad at everything else, but I would like to know which yoyo is better at it.

-I would like the yoyo to be a good grinder on arm and thumb grinds, don’t really care for the throwhand thumb grind thing on the inner lip though.

-Do you like the spikes on the Triton or the little dip in the Theory? I already have a hubstacked yoyo so if the spikes basically play the same I would rather get the Theory’s lip.

I took these questions right from the “How to post looking for a new yoyo” stickied topic and answered them here. That way I am as specific as possible. Sorry for clogging up the forums with these threads, I know there is a lot of them.


I don’t own either, but the Triton is much more expensive. But if you have the $110, I’d get the Triton over a theory.

Yeah price is not a problem, I have the money. I might just get both… :wink:

Theory plays 3x it price and has lateralish caps and grooves the help extend grinds

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Does it beat the YYF Severe in play?

what kind of severe 2009,2010,2011,2012 or 2013

2013 the newest delrin. I am slighted attracted to it, but basically I am looking at the Theory for a fun new throw right now and want some confirmation.

get the therory I have heard alot of good things about it aspecially our biggest yyj fan said so as well.


get the therory I have heard alot of good things about it aspecially our biggest yyj fan iyoyo58 said so as well.

Alright thanks people! Now to convince my mother…

Lol I will throw in some fat nylon kitty I wanna try that so bad.

Sorry for the double post

Triton. Huge upgrade from capless with still having a fast floaty feel

Well I’m not looking for something similar, that’s what I am trying to say. I don’t have preferences yet, so I am trying to build up a collection of a variety of yoyos and decide

the theory does have a nice shape and its full sized but you can almost touch the bearing, you cant tho. Triton I have heard is dope but theory is nice too. I enjoy mine thoroughly.

Just ordered a Theory and some fat nylon kitty string. I decided on it due to only having $150 and not wanting to blow it all (I need a new Razor Scooter :P). I might write a review to tell you guys how I like it. I will definitely get a Triton in future purchases too, as I love to buy from smaller companies too. Thanks guys!!!

enjoy, man! you’ll love it! maybe get an extra trifecta bearing or something as well…

Oh I have a few extra 10 balls Lying around don’t worry :wink:

Theory is a good yoyo for the price. I think you will like it.

If you decide to go in the higher price range in the future you will love the Triton. Haven’t heard from one person that doesn’t love it.

Oh don’t worry it’s in my future :smiley: I just got my first $60+ yoyo (Summit) so I’m taking it easy.