Titan, Theory's, General Yo Majesty's or any that u recommend.


Hey guys ik it seems like a stupid question But i have 130 dollars and im wondering if i should get 2 Theorys (for competition), 1 Titan 3 or 1 general yo majesty. Or if there are any other yoyos that u guys recommend for around that price?

PLS no yyf or CLYW (I have used most and know how they play)


Are you only looking for YYJ?

Because you can go to the bst and pick up some cheap brand new YYR yo-yo’s for top notch competition play.


No necessarily YYJ im just interested in those too and im not fond of yyf, caribou lodge i love but i want to try some other companies out


Get whichever one appeals to you the most… As in, which one looks coolest, because they’re all pretty chill


Out of these i would say a Majesty


Get the Majesty. I wouldn’t wait too long though.


Up to you. Any of those will be good.
I have the Titan 3 and the General Yo and those are excellent. The Theory is also good but I don’t have one yet. I played it at BAC and bumped it on my wants list.

Are there some specific features you are looking for because these are all rather different.

The Titan 3 has a soft feel, titanium weight rings, great on the grinds and obviously meant for horizontal play.

The Theory is designed to be budget in price, big on performance and no compromise, but the caps are plastic, but I wouldn’t hold that against it.

I’d have to re-visit the Majesty. I like it, I just haven’t played it recently. I recall liking it. Seemed Code 2 like yet different at the same time. I think mine is a 7075 first rum model.